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Sunday, 8 May 2011

What is this Clifton Chatterbox all about?

Good's about Clifton and all that's in it. More Clifton Village than Clifton. Is there a formal term for those who live in Clifton? Cliftonian? Cliftonite? And separate from our formal title, who are we?

One thing I've noticed is that we're always smiling. Whether we're queued at Coffee #1 on Princess Victoria Street or waiting for the self-serve counter at Tesco on Regent Street (and yes we have a Regent Street in Clifton! We've got a Kings Road too!), it is so natural to make eye-contact with someone or even have a chat! Being the chatterbox that I am, I like nothing better. And to be fair, I can go and go and go!

We're a community and proud of it! From the teenaged girls who spend three hours getting dressed to look like they got out of bed to the older gentlemen who saunter around with their hats and their velvet or tweed blazers, we've got our uniqueness, our quirkiness...our Cliftoness!

Clifton Chatterbox is going to celebrate everything Clifton Village.

With the first "issue" carded to go live day after tomorrow (eek!) there's still a lot to do.

Every week a new issue will go live with two new features in each of the following sections:

Home Decor
Entertainment - Art, Music, books, Movies
Our Very Own - Looking at our Stars in Bristol!
Announcements - Pregnancies, Births, Engagements, Weddings, New Pets, New staff in shops.

Have I bit off more than I can chew?

As my husband, Mr Chatterbox would say, "What's new!"


Alright...writing, writing, writing...

Chat soon!


  1. I am not from Clifton Village, but I love your Blog very much, thank you!

    Naima Sanowar