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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Tiffany's and their Handbags...

I love Tiffany's just as much as the next girl. Albeit I avoid the more popular pieces and go for the unique especially the Torque line for Frank Gehry. Have you seen their handbags? I love handbags and ridiculously expensive ones. Not on purpose I promise. PUt me in a room with thousands of handbags with only one expensive piece and I will find it. It always happens that way. I can never fall in love with a deal...its always the one's that push my husband's financial patience to the limit!

Now handbag purchasing has dwindled since I have Chatterbox Junior but looking is just as fun! Here they are and they're reversible too! And between £3-something and £4-something...that's coffee money, right?

And here's her sister...reversible too!

As for whether it's available in darker colours, ask Jennifer Anniston!

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