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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday is the day I start planning for the next issue of Clifton Chatterbox. With so much to write about in Clifton Village, I am wondering if I need to do two issues each week. Mr Chatterbox says I always bite off more than I can let's see how we go with one issue a week.

One thing I can promise is that it will be Pippa-free.

What is the big deal about Pippa Middleton? Your sister is a Princess. Not you. And yet, magazines, blogs and newspapers are publishing snaps of her pre, during and post-wedding. Then today's Grazia leads with Harry and Chelsea calling it quits and then of course there's the fuel to the rumour that the sisters have been gigling at the prospect of another royal wedding in the Middleton family.

Pippa please? No one wins the lottery twice. But then again, stranger things have happened? Example? Me liking Lady Gaga. Watched her on The Graham Norton Show last night and I was impressed with her coyness and two costume changes, or as Norton put it, "she has an outfit for talking and another for singing".

I still think she's a little weird or maybe too much weird but people will be people.

Which brings me back to our business - Clifton Village.

Had a wander this morning - as I always do. Butchers, then Coffee #1, then Boston Tea Party for a West Country breakfast for Mr. Chatterbox. As Cliftonites, we're people. Beautiful people. I love watching the various huddles in the village shops and cafes. Mums and daughters having a browse at the dresses in Maze or the new parents having a baby free coffee in Boston Tea Party. The yummy Mums having a browse around Arch House Deli looking for inspiration for a meal for their baby-free dinner party with the girls that weekend. So much going on!

I am off to Papadeli's cooking class on Thursday and will report in the next issue. Also off to Goldbricks on Wednesday for some champers with Gail at The Mews Bridal and other wedding peeps. Need to meet with the people at 194 Fahrenheit to see what they're up to. Need to give Emmeline Simpson a ring to feature her as the next, "Our Very Own...". Have you seen her Sion Hill Mug in the current issue? See it here with other cuppas available at The Pod Company. Have a look here:

I have so many ideas but I want to hear from you? What would you like to see in upcoming issues in Clifton Chatterbox?

Chat soon!


Michelle x

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