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Monday, 4 July 2011

Clifton Chatterbox - update

I owe you an update. Clifton Chatterbox has been pretty dormant recently. No new issues. Emails not responded to! What's going on Chatterbox? Is the mute button on?!?!?!

Chatterbox is still going strong and chatty as ever. Just ask Clare Pirie! I'm in there almost everyday chatting her head off while drooling over all the stuff she has in her store.  Haven't been yet? Heresy! I digress!

Clifton Chatterbox is moving back to the Big Smoke, the Square Mile, the City - Londres, Landan, Londra - LONDON!

But that in no way means that Clifton Chatterbox is being shelved - it just means we're going to get bigger. We're going to really show the world what Clifton has to offer! We will also explore all the London spots and digs that have a Clifton edge to it.

When is this happening? Soon! If not this weekend, the weekend after.

So but the first week of August, we will have a new issue go live and be back in business!

Until then, drop me and email if you have something Cliftonian to say!

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